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The iPhone 11 has a dual camera, which includes a second camera featuring an ultra-wide lens. Artificial intelligence capabilities in the camera will auto-adjust lighting and reduce noise to allow users to take low-light images and more detailed portraits. It also features a front-facing portrait mode and slo-mo video capabilities in the front-facing camera.iPhone 11应用了双摄像头,在其中一个为强力超广角镜头。摄像头配备的人工智能技术技术性能够自动调节光源并避震,用户能够摄制较低色度自然环境的相片及其关键点更加提升的人像图片。


另外,外置摄像头有人像模式,还能够摄制慢动作视频。Apple announced the iPhone 11 Pro, which is being touted as the most advanced and detailed iPhone yet, with a three-lens pro camera system, more energy efficiency and spatial audio sound.iPhone发布的iPhone 11 Pro被树立为“现阶段最技术设备、最细腻的iPhone”,这款手机上装有了三个摄像头的专业监控摄像头作用,耗能更为较低,声效更优。Videos made with the iPhone 11 Pro cameras will shoot in 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.iPhone 11 Pro的摄像头能够摄制每秒钟60帧的4k高清视頻。

Apple also revealed the Apple Watch Series 5 at Tuesdays event, which will have an always-on screen while maintaining up to 18 hours of battery life.本次新品发布会还开售了Apple Watch Serise 5,显示屏可完成永久性点亮,保持18个钟头续航力。The iPad also got an update. The new 7th generation of the product will have a larger screen of 10.2 inches, up from 9.7 inches, and support for the Apple Pencil and Smart Connector, which lets users attach Apples own keyboards to the device to turn it into a pseudo-laptop.当场还带来了第七代iPad,显示器由以前的9.7英寸升級为10.2英寸,抵制苹果铅笔和智能化连接器,用户可用以智能化连接器将iPad与苹果键盘相接,将其变成一个笔记本的模样。Apart from the hardware, Apple said it will launch its all-original streaming service Apple TV on Nov. 1, this year.除开硬件配置商品之外,iPhone还宣布将在11月2日开售基本上原創的流媒体服务器服务项目Apple TV。

Users who buy any Apple products including new iPads, iPhones, laptops, or desktops are eligible to enjoy one year of free subscription to Apple TV .售卖最新款iPad、iPhone、笔记本或台式电脑的用户能够享受Apple TV 一年的服务项目。