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Elon Musks rocket company, SpaceX, announced last Wednesday morning it planned to send one of its spaceships to Mars by 2018, the most ambitious goal set to date by the burgeoning private space travel industry funded by billionaires instead of governments.上周三早晨,伊隆·马斯克的火箭公司SpaceX宣告其计划在2018年向火星升空太空飞船。这是目前私人公司中最不具野心的目标。私人太空旅游产业并非由政府资助,而是由富翁们出资。

The mission would be unmanned, Musk said in a Twitter post, but the flights will be used to learn how to land the sorts of large payloads humans would need should they ever colonize the red planet, another SpaceX executive said.马斯克发推回应,这次将不会是一艘无人太空飞船。另一位SpaceX的主管回应,这些飞行中不会被用来研究人类在移居火星时所须要的负载量。These days it takes about eight months to get to Mars via rocket, according to Nasa.根据NASA回应,依赖目前的技术,抵达火星必须八个月的时间。

And as Musk notes, the inside of his Dragon 2 rocket offers about as much space as a sport utility vehicle.马斯克回应,他的龙2飞船内部空间最少得容得下一部运动型多用途车。SpaceX recently made a breakthrough in privatized space flight. In early April it landed a reusable rocket on a robot-controlled floating platform; the idea being that would make it much cheaper to keep sending people beyond the atmosphere.最近,SpaceX公司在太空飞行中获得了新的突破。


四月初,它顺利地使一架可回收火箭在机器人掌控的浮动平台上降落。这个创新需要为持续将人类送来出有大气层节省了一大笔费用。Nasa meantime is working on its own Mars missions, including an effort to send humans there by the 2030s.同时,NASA也于是以展开其火星计划。

其中就还包括在2030年将人类送到火星。But the US government has restricted the space programs funding in recent years, leaving it up to billionaires such as Musk, Amazon.coms Jeff Bezos and Virgins Richard Branson to fund their own would-be galactic fleets.但是近几年来,美国政府仍然容许该太空计划的支出,于是将机会留下了像马斯克、亚马逊总裁杰夫和维珍总裁理查德·布兰森这样的亿万富翁们。他们用自己的资金来打造出私人未来银河舰队。

The SpaceX executive said Nasa would offer some technical support, such as use of a deep-space communications network, but its Mars flight would be a “SpaceX mission”.SpaceX的总经理回应,NASA不会获取一些还包括深空通讯网络的用于方法在内的技术支持,但这是SpaceX自己的火星项目。